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Graphic by Laura Kruszynski

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SAMPLE print add for Columbus Zoo levy. (The actual Columbus Zoo is not using this platform or content in any way..) Each "bilboard" succinctly offers one reason to support the downtown zoo idea. Part of a portfolio I am putting together as a sample of my work.

People Watching at the Craft Store

My daughter, Kait, and I were enjoying a great evening together at a big chain craft store. Big aisles, lots of people.

Kait informed, "A kid in my class says that if you can't dance, just try to spell your name with your butt!" 

To her amazement, I tried. Right there in the aisle. "Hmm, I made a mistake, so I have to erase," I laughed, enjoying being silly. And to my amazement, she didn't do the typical sixteen-year-old eye roll at old mom.

"Get it," she encouraged with mock slang intonation.

" I know, some people act like they're rubbing a hole in the paper!" 

Later, back home, my son was watching an old Martial Arts movie. Being a karate practitioner, he yelled at the screen over poorly executed fighting, "Stop dancing!" 

"Ooh, their names would be a hard dance to do," said Kait, and we both burst into laughter.

It's these moments I hope to remember forever. I don't mind that we weren't the people-watchers but the watched this time. Crafting just brings out family fun!